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2017 Thailand 21 Day Elephant Expedition

2017 Thailand 21 Day Elephant Expedition

2017 Thailand 21 Day Elephant Expedition

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Dates: July 9 - July 29, 2017  |  Tuition: $4,199 Tuition Details

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Dear Families – Welcome to the homepage for the 2017 Thailand 21 Day Elephant Expedition! If this is your first time on this page, please read through the categories under Pre-Enrollment to learn more about this unique travel opportunity, or peruse the other categories as you like. Once you have enrolled, please check out the Post-Enrollment information. Around one month before departure, we will post the remaining information under Program Prep to review on a call with the entire group. We hope you will join us on the adventure of a lifetime in Thailand!

Program Highlights

  • Volunteer at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center
  • Visit the Mae Cham Elephant Sanctuary
  • Explore the Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary
  • See Koh Talu Sea Turtle Conservation
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Smithsonian Student Adventures was created through a collaboration of the Smithsonian Institution and Walking Tree Travel. Although this video is branded as Walking Tree Travel, it encapsulates the mission and spirit that is present in all SSA programming.

Important Program Details

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Program Itinerary

July 9Day 1In FlightFly from the USA to Bangkok, Thailand.In Flight
July 10Day 2Chiang MaiSawatdee ka! Welcome to Thailand! We'll arrive in Bangkok for a connecting flight to Chiang Mai. Upon arrival, we'll rest after our long day of travel and hold an orientation meeting and cultural introduction.Payap Dormitories
July 11Day 3Chiang MaiWe will wake up bright and early to enjoy breakfast at a traditional market, visit temples and spirit houses located throughout the city, and end your day shopping at the popular Sunday Walking Street Market.Payap Dormitories
July 12Day 4Chiang MaiToday we'll head outside of the city to the Thai Elephant Conservation Center and the Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation, where we'll learn about medical care and conservation efforts for elephants.Payap Dormitories
July 13Day 5Chiang MaiToday we will break from our normal "elephant activites" and learn the art of Thai cuisine. After a delicious Thai cooking class, we will eat a traditional northern Thai meal and enjoy a cultural performance.Payap Dormitories
July 14Day 6Mae ChamWe will be picked up early today and will head to an elephant sanctuary in Mae Cham. We will stop off at a few beautiful waterfalls along the way. Upon arrival we will meet rescued elephants, cats and dogs!Homestay
July 15Day 7Mae ChamToday we will experience being a mahout for the day. We will walk with the elephants through the forest, prepare their treats, and help bathe them in the evening.Homestay
July 16Day 8Mae ChamWe will head into the town of Mae Cham to visit a local school. We'll return to the sanctuary in the afternoon to help feed, bathe and take care of the animals.Homestay
July 17Day 9Mae Cham - Chiang MaiWe'll spend the morning saying goodbye to our new friends before heading back into Chiang Mai.Payap Dormitories
July 18Day 10BangkokWe'll take an early flight to Bangkok and spend the day exploring the capital on a longtail boat ride through the small canals of Chao Phraya River. We'll visit the famous religious temples of Wat Pho and some local markets.Bangkok Guesthouse
July 19
Day 11KanchanaburiToday we'll travel to Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary. We will be stopping off along the way at some important historical sites in Kanchanaburi. We’ll meet our homestay families and learn about elephant conservation and what the community is doing to help.Homestay
July 20
Day 12KanchanaburiWe will work in the tree nursery, visit a local school, and help the park rangers build a check dam. We will also drive to River Kwai Noi to meet with OurLand Team and go over river floating activity and safety. Hike to OurLand Conservation Center, learn about their conservation projects and activities.Homestay
July 21Day 13Kanchanaburi - Sai Yok National ParkToday we'll team up with local community members and students in a tree planting event to help sustain local farmers and provide a larger habitat for the wild elephants. In the late afternoon, we'll head to Sai Yok National Park, where we'll swim in the river, bathe in a waterfall and sleep in a houseboat underneath the stars.House boat
July 22Day 14KanchanaburiAfter an early morning boat cruise, we will make our way to an elephant sanctuary close by. We will meet the elephant herd, feed them delicious treats, and bathe with them in the river. Dinner/bonfire with the elephant sanctuary staff.Elephant Haven Resort
July 23Day 15Kui Buri National ParkWe will wake up bright and early and head to Kui Buri National Park. Once we arrive, we'll go on a tour of the park and have our first opportunity to see elephants in the wild!Kui Buri Resort
July 24Day 16Kui Buri National ParkAfter an early morning safari tour, we'll begin our service project, working alongside park rangers to help construct check dams and watering holes. In the late afternoon, we'll take a tour of the surrounding farm plantations and relax at our guesthouse.Kui Buri Resort
July 25
Day 17Kui Buri National Park - Koh TaluToday we'll go on a hike through the national park, studying the park's ecosystem, and keeping our eyes open for any wildlife! Then we will head to Koh Talu island after lunch.Talu Island Resort
July 26Day 18Koh TaluToday we will have time to snorkel and kayak, take part in coral and sea turtle conservation, and go squid fishing !Talu Island Resort
July 27
Day 19Koh Talu - BangkokWe'll get an early start in the morning so we can enjoy island life and we will have time to relax on the beach before to head back to Bangkok early afternoon.Bangkok Guesthouse
July 28
Day 20BangkokOn our last full day in Thailand, we'll visit one of Bangkok's famous malls, visiti Jim Thompson's house, or see a Thai movie, buy any last minute souvenirs at a night market, and have our last meal together!Bangkok Guesthouse
July 29Day 21Bangkok - USA Say your goodbyes to Thailand, we're off to the U.S.A!In Flight

Philosophy Of Travel

Our mission is to inspire the next generation to become global leaders by taking an active interest in the world around them. With a dedication to learning, along with an enduring passion for exploring the world, Smithsonian Student Adventures designs transformative and meaningful travel programs that uncover the authentic culture of each destination and inspire students to take action in their local and global community.

Smithsonian Student Adventures stands for a more open, curious, and compassionate approach to travel. We partner with select schools around the world to provide memorable small-group experiences, and invest in cultivating and maintaining longterm relationships with our partner communities. If you are interested in our organization and philosophy of travel, click here to learn more about us.


SSA partners with locally-operated, three star or equivalent hotels that are clean, safe, centrally located, and provide modern amenities. Below are a few examples of our partner hotels. Although these are our preferred providers, they are subject to change based on availability. Your final itinerary will provide complete information on your accommodations in the cities you will be visiting.

Bangkok: www.bcgh.org/

Chiang Mai: http://ihouse.payap.ac.th/

Kanchanaburi: www.elephantnaturepark.org/elephant-haven-sai-yok-kanchanaburi/

Kui Buri: http://baanraikongmun.com/

Koh Talu: www.taluisland.com/

Chiang Rai: www.benguesthousechiangrai.com/

Standards of Behavior

SSA provides fun, safe, and meaningful programs for our travelers. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that we create an environment of trust, security and respect. All individuals participating in our programs are required to take responsibility for their actions and adhere to a high standard of behavioral conduct. Any of the following are grounds for early dismissal or in-country consequences at our discretion.


  1. Possessing, consuming or distributing alcohol or illegal drugs
  2. Associating with participants while they are in possession of or are consuming or distributing alcohol or illegal drugs
  3. Behaving in a way that consistently damages the group dynamic or jeopardizes personal or group safety. This includes consistently displaying a negative attitude, intimidating or excluding other participants, sneaking out, disobeying group leaders, and any other behavior that is not conducive to an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.


  1. Getting a piercing or tattoo
  2. Stealing, or deliberately damaging or defacing any personal property, buildings or materials
  3. Threatening with or using weapons such as firearms, knives, explosives, etc.
  4. Riding mopeds, motorcycles, or any other type of unauthorized vehicle
  5. Being out of designated area or accommodations after curfew
  6. Breaking group rules

These standards of behavior are essential for the successful completion of a travel program. Please take the time to review these rules as a family and make sure everyone understands and agrees to them before choosing to travel with SSA.

Tuition & Fundraising

Tuition Includes:
all accommodations, basic travel insurance, 3 meals per day, drinking water, ground transportation, group activity and entry fees, full time leadership team and taxes and tips.

Tuition Excludes:
 International airfare, baggage fees, airline minor fees, personal shopping, passport or visa fees, and activities not listed on the itinerary.

We believe that cost should not prevent enthusiastic students from having the opportunity to join an SSA program. We are pleased to offer opportunities for fundraising and payment plans to help make this goal a reality. Please visit our Tuition and Funding page to find out more about tuition, fundraising, payment options, referral discounts, and more.

Passport & Visa Check

Passport must be valid for six months after the final day of your travel program, including one open visa page.
No Visa Requirements for US Citizens traveling to Thailand.

Non US citizens should check with their country’s embassy abroad to verify vaccination and visa requirements.
US citizens traveling from a country other than the United States should check the State Department website (www.travel.state.gov) for more information regarding additional visa or vaccine requirements.

Please contact SSA for further information regarding vaccination and visa requirements.

Health and Safety

Our in-country staff prepare meticulously for all programs. SSA will register our programs and travelers with the U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) in case of emergency. In country staff also verify the safety records of our partner organizations, vendors, and transportation providers, thoroughly vet homestay families via in depth interviews and home visits, and keep up on important current events in the region.

Program Leaders are seasoned travelers who are CPR and First Aid certified, undergo thorough training in crisis management, and participate in a multi-day leadership training retreat. We do our best to prepare for any eventuality and have detailed emergency protocols for our leaders, in-country staff and U.S.-based staff.

We receive medical disclosures from all participants to ensure we are able to meet every students’ needs during the program. Please inform us immediately of any additional health issues that you did not list during your initial registration process. Program Leaders will also hold an online information session before your departure, as well as an arrival orientation in-country, in order to give participants important instructions on food safety, hygiene and preventing injury and illness. Leaders and in-country staff always respond immediately to any mental, physical or emotional health issues and follow comprehensive emergency protocols.

Vaccination information and requirements can change frequently. Because of this, and for more information, we suggest that you consult your local travel clinic and/or family physician for specific details.

Travel Insurance

Our experience has taught us that international travel can sometimes be unpredictable. As such, SSA will purchase basic secondary travel and medical insurance for all SSA travelers via Travel Insured International. This service provides the following coverage at no additional cost to our participants:


$500 Return Airfare for Trip Interruption
$750 ($150 per day) Trip Delay of six hours or more
$500 (Three or more hours) Missed Connection
$1500 ($250 per article) Baggage/Personal Effects
$300 Baggage Delay – 24 hours
$25,000 Accident & Sickness Medical Expense
$100,000 Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation
Emergency Assistance Non-insurance Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services Included

Once you have been accepted onto your program, SSA will be in touch regarding this insurance and other additional options (see below).


The following additional optional coverage upgrades are available upon request for an additional premium charge to the traveler. For further information on the premiums associated with these optional coverage enhancements, please email your inquiry to our travel insurance program administrator, Hayashi Insurance Solutions: travelinsurance@jshinsurance.com

– Trip Cancellation Coverage – Reimburses the traveler up to the trip cost insured up to a maximum of $10,000 per person if the trip must be cancelled for unforeseeable life events including but not limited to; medical/health reasons, bereavement, etc.

– Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) – Reimburses the traveler for 75% of the non-refundable trip cost. Cancellation must be made 48 hours or more prior to scheduled departure. Must be purchased at the same time as initial plan purchase and prior to final trip payment. *This benefit is not available to residents of New York State.

The Plan is administered by Hayashi Insurance Solutions (CA DOI 0F61680) a licensed Insurance Agency authorized to transact this insurance under the express authority of Travel Insured International, Inc. and its representatives, and on behalf of Walking Tree Travel, Inc. The Plan contains insurance benefits underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company. Fairmont Specialty and Crum & Forster are registered trademarks of United States Fire Insurance Company. The Crum & Forster group of companies is rated A (Excellent) by AM Best Company 2015. The Plan also contains non insurance Travel Assistance Services that are provided by an independent organization, OnCall International, and not by United States Fire Insurance Company or Travel Insured International. Review the Plan Document for complete terms, including benefits, conditions, limitations and exclusions that apply. Coverages may vary and not all coverage is available in all jurisdictions.

Global Leadership Curriculum

Walking Tree Travel has developed a curriculum that helps SSA travelers mature as global leaders before, during, and after their travel program. These simple, engaging tools are meant to spark discussion, frame their experience, and prepare them to travel ethically and effectively both on our programs and in the future. For more information about student learning objectives and the format of the Walking Tree Travel Global Leadership Curriculum, click on the ‘learn more’ button below.

Learn More

Language Resources


Want to learn a new language and be better prepared for your travel program? Duolingo is the easiest, most entertaining way to start learning and using a new language right away! The more you practice, the more you’ll be able to communicate with locals in your host country and help your fellow travelers navigate a foreign environment.

Tap the Duolingo owl to get started, or download the app to your mobile phone.

duolingo owl logo

Group Flight Information

In an effort to make the flight booking process as smooth as possible, we have partnered with STA Travel. This partnership provides our participants with discounted fares through STA’s contracts with the top airlines to help our travelers get the best possible rates.

STA Travel will help our families and travelers book their round trip travel between their home city and our host countries. We are excited to offer this premium service to our participants so that we can focus on what we do best – providing meaningful adventures around the world, and STA can focus on helping our 

Open Enrollment participants are responsible for booking and paying for their own international flights. You have two options for making your flight arrangements, which are outlined below. With either option, we strongly recommend you book with STA, which you can do by calling their dedicated line at 877-777-8717. 

1. (Preferred) Book a seat on the chaperoned international group flight.

Each Open Enrollment program has a suggested, chaperoned, group flight that will depart from a designated departure city in the United States and arrive to the destination country. Participants on these flights will have the support of our on-scene Airport Liaison as well as an accompanying Program Leader, on-flight. The Airport Liaison will help gather, coordinate and direct the arrival and departure of our participants in the airport and the Program Leader will accompany the group to and from the host country while on the flight. The vast majority of our travelers choose this option. 

Here’s how to proceed:

Call our dedicated representative at STA Travel at 877-777-8717 to learn about your booking options.

  • Tell the agent you are a Smithsonian Student Adventures participant, the full name of the program you are traveling on and your program travel dates. They will walk you through the details of your flight options.
  • Once you know your flight options, you can book directly with STA or on your own to travel to the host country.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Should you elect not to travel on the suggested, chaperoned, group flight please email your complete flight reservation to info@SmithsonianSA.com
  • Enjoy the support and ease that comes with this new partnership!

Program participants should meet the airpot liaison at the below airline check-in counter three hours before the international flight. If you are traveling on a connecting Delta flight from your home destination, you will meet your flight chaperone at the boarding gate for your international flight. If you have trouble locating the group, please contact Smithsonian Student Adventures.


Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight: 881
Date: July 9, 2017
Departs: Los Angeles, California (LAX) at 12:55am
Arrives: Hong Kong, China (HKG) at 6:45am on July 10, 2017

Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight: 705
Date: July 10, 2017
Departs: Hong Kong, China (HKG) at 8:00am
Arrives: Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) at 10:05am

Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight: 616
Date: July 29, 2017
Departs: Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) at 6:40am
Arrives: Hong Kong, China (HKG) at 10:25am

Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight: 884
Date: July 29, 2017
Departs: Hong Kong, China (HKG) at 12:55pm
Arrives: Los Angeles, California (LAX) at 11:10am


Airline: Thai Smile
Flight: 164
Date: July 10, 2017
Departs: Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) at 3:20pm
Arrives: Chiang Mai, Thailand (CNX) at 4:35pm

Airline: Thai Air Asia
Flight: 3438
Date: July 18, 2017
Departs: Chiang Mai, Thailand (CNX) at 8:25am
Arrives: Bangkok, Thailand (DMK) at 9:40am

2. Book your own flight to the host country.

For this option we require travelers to arrive at the same time, or earlier (no more than 3 hours), than the suggested group flight’s planned arrival. We ask participants not to arrive later than the suggested group flight’s time of arrival. If travelers arrive on their own prior to the rest of the group we will arrange to have the second Program Leader or the Country Director meet them as they land in the host country. 

With either option, we strongly encourage you to book your flights through STA, but it is not required. 

STA operates a full 24/7 emergency line and can support you with issues from date changes, cancellations, or general crisis management support wherever you are in the world. To contact them, please call 800-836-4115.

Air travel is unpredictable. Although we can ensure that our groups arrive to the airport with ample time and follow all airline instructions, there may still be instances when a flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather, mechanical problems, labor strikes, etc. Please note that in such an event SSA is not financially responsible for unexpected costs incurred by travelers. Our programs officially begin and end in our host countries.  Notwithstanding, our travelers’ well-being and safety is always our number one priority in all facets of our operations and programming, so please know that in case flight delays or cancellations occur we will do everything we can to get travelers home in a timely manner and will keep family members updated on developments as we are able.
Important note: Please make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the final day in country.
SSA is not responsible for fees associated with checked baggage
or for lost or stolen luggage. We strongly encourage all travelers to pack a carry-on bag if possible, or to at least put all valuables and a change of clothes or two in a carry-on along with all important medications and basic toiletries such as a toothbrush, deodorant, glasses, contacts etc.
Please confirm with your air travel provider as some airlines may require that travelers under a certain age have completed an unaccompanied minor parental consent form. Please consult the airline website to confirm whether this is required on your flight.

Leader Profile

SSA will send a minimum of two experienced Program Leaders on every Open Enrollment Program. In addition to these Program Leaders, we also have an Airport Liaison who will be in the departure city airport to gather the group and help with any flight delays, as well as various staff (including a Country Director) in our host country and in our headquarters in Denver, Colorado that are standing by to support the group as needed. Please check out the below bios of some of the people on your programs support team.

  • Bo Somboon
    Bo Somboon Program Leader

    B.A. in Tourism Industry from Phitsanulok University

    My name is Phanupong Somboon (my friends call me Bo) and I was born and raised in Thailand. I have been a rock climbing and outdoor educator for the past 6 years and enjoy every day of it. For the last four years, I have had the opportunity to work
    with International students around the world. I enjoy working with students because I have the chance to take them to explore my own country and to show them my culture and language. I also get to show them my beautiful countryside, people
    and way of life. I have enjoy traveling around Southeast Asia and China for several adventures of my own. I am looking forward to leading with Smithsonian Student Adventures this summer!

    • Laurene Heuguelot
      Laurene Heuguelot Thailand Operations

      The International Film & Television School in Paris – B.S. in Video Editing

      Born and raised in Paris, after working for a couple of years in the television industry, Laurene decided to volunteer with elephants in Thailand. After few months, she was offered the position of volunteer coordinator. She learned everything about the animal welfare issue within the Southeast Asia context. She worked for four years in several wildlife rescue centers in Thailand, and raised awareness to hundreds of young international volunteers about this matter. Laurene lives now in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, where she loves living amongst the local people, helping animals in need, and educating local communities and also foreigners about humane care of stray animals. Aside from her passion for animal welfare, she loves the Thai culture and delicious Thai food, and volunteers to help the Thai children who are victims of trafficking.

      • Maureen Walters
        Maureen Walters Airport Liaison

        Kent State University, Studied Liberal Arts 
        In her own words: I have been working in the travel industry for Princess Cruises and Crystal Cruises as an Airport Liaison for the past three years and love that it gives me the chance to talk to people from all over the world. I was born in Ohio but have lived most of my life in Los Angeles and enjoy the diverse cultures here. I have journeyed to Italy, Spain, England, France, Costa Rica and throughout the US with my husband and two sons and we have had wonderful experiences with each visit.  I am currently researching and documenting my family’s genealogy and it’s history around the globe.

        • Savannah Johnson
          Savannah Johnson Program Leader

          Colorado College – B.A. Sociology, Minors in Global Education and Feminist & Gender Studies

          Savannah is a firm believer in the power of informed impulsivity and has an insatiable travel bug, which, together, have propelled her adventures to six of the seven continents, so far. Through her studies of and experiences in the social world, she has been able to empirically substantiate risk-taking and reap the benefits of living outside her comfort zone. This is something she loves encouraging young people to do too. As such, she spent 8 weeks of the school year backpacking with high school students in Colorado and Utah before taking up residence in Amman, Jordan to study Arabic, work on a documentary film, and teach English Language and Literature at an American International School. Savannah is a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified teacher, certified in CPR/AED/First Aid and Mental Health First Aid, and is very excited to be returning to Thailand, where she taught and traveled in 2013.

          Group Roster

          Please have all travelers check below to ensure their name is spelled exactly how it appears on your passport. For edits, email lacey@SmithsonianSA.com.

          1. Tiana Muniz
          2. Taylor Jones
          3. Jesus Leal
          4. Kaden Jones
          5. Alexis Hypse
          6. Lauren Gardner
          7. Anna McCollister
          8. Teagan Walker
          9. Carey Ruzicka
          10. Sarah Spirek
          11. Della Moran

          Community & Project Details

          Bring The Elephant Home

          BTEH is aiming for a better chance of survival for Asian elephants. They achieve their mission by restoring natural habitat, stimulating animal-friendly ecotourism, and by finding solutions to human-elephant conflicts. They work with a small community in Kanchanaburi that is particularly difficult human-elephant conflict zone. They are supporting this community by bringing volunteers to their tree nursery, but also to build check-dams to make sure that elephants can find enough water in the forest during the dry season, which prevents them from coming to villages and drinking from people’s houses. They have an extensive program of reforestation with local people all year round. They are also at the head of the second beehive-fencing project in Thailand. In collaboration with the National Parks system, they are building beehive fences to protect crops and local communities from wild elephants, who avoid bees at all costs. The resident communities benefit through the sales of honey and the reduction of elephant-caused damage and destruction of their crops. The pollination work of the bees increases biodiversity and even increases the yield of the crop that they protect. As a result of strategically placed beehive fences, elephants and humans can share the same area in harmony. BTEH is one of only a few community-based wild elephant conservation initiatives in Thailand.

          Elephant Haven

          The team from Elephant Nature Park, one of the first elephant sanctuaries that was created in Chiang Mai 15 years ago, have been working together with The Sai Yok Elephant Park, a former trekking camp in Kachanaburi, to take the saddles off of elephants that were being used for riding. This relatively new project is extremely important to educate trekking camps and people who keep elephants about the joy and satisfaction that comes from returning elephants from captivity to their natural habitats. The more people that support this project, the brighter the future is for other Asian elephants. Kanchanaburi in infamous for elephant camps that mistreat their animals by offering rides or shows, and Elephant Haven serves as a positive example of tourism that takes into account the welfare of the animals.

          At Elephant Haven, guests prepare the food for the elephants, feed them, walk with them in the forest, go to a mud bath with them, and finish with a bath with the elephants in the river. Elephant Haven made the decision to shift to a more responsible model a year ago, and it’s very important to support them, as they are trying to set an example in the Kanchanaburi province. The family at the head of the park has been working for a long time with elephants all over Thailand, so they are very influential in their network and hopefully change the mind of many other trekking camps.

          Burm and Emily’s Elephant Sanctuary

          BEES is a retirement home for elephants, providing an alternative for elephants and their owners. Their aim is to educate locals and visitors about elephants, wildlife conservation, and the ethical treatment of animals. BEES works towards sustainable community development and working to create better futures for humans and animals. They provide an alternative for owners and their elephants to move away from city life and the hard, rough days of trekking or working in the tourist trade by providing a retirement home for elephants where they can come to have some much needed rest or have a long term/permanent stay. The elephants have the chance to live free and both owner and elephant no longer have to face the hardships of daily life in the city and trekking camps. In addition, they give a home to all animals in need and run rescue, rehabilitation and release programs and have education programs in the local community. BEES participates in reforestation efforts, environmental clean-up, and community education programs. BEES is located 3 hours’ drive southwest of Chiang Mai, amongst breathtaking views of Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand.

          Communication & Blog

          The easiest way for students to keep in touch with family and friends at home while traveling will be using Wifi (available at most hotels and some restaurants) via Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, and Wechat for free.

          SSA tries to keep families and friends updated as frequently as possible with text and photo blogs. If parents would like updates regarding the group beyond these blog posts and email updates, they should direct all general inquiries to info@SmithsonianSA.com. We are always checking this email inbox and will respond promptly to inquiries. You can also reach us by dialing 303-242-8541 from the U.S.

          Here is the link to your blog: https://smithsonianstudentadventures.com/2017-thailand-21-day-elephant-expedition/

          Packing List

          What follows is a sample packing list, which will be updated for each program. We recommend you bring a larger piece of luggage like a roller, duffel bag, or backpack, as well as a smaller backpack that you can bring on hikes, weekend excursions and shorter activities.

          Most importantly, be sure to remember your PASSPORT and STUDENT ID.

          Thailand Packing List
          10 pairs of underwear​
          6 pairs of socks (a mixture of good hiking socks and casual socks)​
          4 t-shirts (some quick dry)​
          2 long sleeve shirts​
          1 sweater​
          1 rain jacket or strong poncho (it will be the rainy season in July)
          1 swim suit​
          2-3 pairs of travel/athletic shorts that are breathable and light (no short shorts please)​
          2 pairs of comfortable/hiking/everyday pants (NOT all jeans – this is important for repelling mosquitos)​
          1 nice shirt/top to be worn to more formal dinners (girls might want a skirt or something a little nicer and guys a polo or button up shirt with jeans for
          such occasions. Please have the skirt reach your knees)​
          1 pair of durable athletic/hiking shoes​
          1 pair of sandals ​
          1 pair of work gloves​
          1-2 pairs of work pants
          1 hat
          1 sarong (something to cover knees when entering Temples and holy places *this may be purchased in country)
          rain boots (for volunteer activities – *we encourage you to be purchase these when in country for cheaper)

          Sunscreen (you will use a lot)​
          Mosquito repellent (you will use a lot)​
          Band Aids and Neosporin​
          Hand Sanitizer​
          Medication in properly marked original container
          Anti-diarrhea medicine

          Journal and pen​
          Camera (digital, disposable, waterproof)​
          Power Converter (220 volts AC)​
          Alarm Clock and watch​
          Debit card/US Dollars (we recommend about $50-$150, depending on amount of desired souvenirs, extra
          items etc.)​
          Durable water bottle​
          1 quick-dry towel​
          Deck of cards or other portable games​
          Host family gift for each host family
          Pictures of family, friends, home​
          STUDENT ID​
          Thai/English Dictionary

          ***Please keep in mind that the villages we will be staying in are generally more conservative. The people usually wear long covered up clothing and do not appreciate seeing a lot of exposed leg, cleavage, or bare shoulders.

          ***Dress in Bangkok: Thailand is still in its mourning period after the King passed away last October (His official funeral/cremation, is planned for late October). And especially in Bangkok bright colors clothes, and short shorts, or tank tops should be avoided (black and white are the mourning colors. But dark colors in general are just fine), ideally shoulders and knees should be covered. Again, this is more a Bangkok specific. Thai people are pretty flexible with the foreigners, but that would show some respect towards the population.

          Tuition Details

          more tuition information Tuition excludes:

           International airfare, baggage fees, airline minor fees, personal shopping, passport or visa fees, and activities not listed on the itinerary.

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