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Truly breathtaking landscapes, unique animals, and once in a lifetime experiences make traveling to Australia and Oceania an incredible adventure. Diverse and complex ecosystems from barren bush deserts to lush jungles to shimmering coral reefs can rarely all be experienced in one travel destination, but here each environment flourishes as much as the bustling life of the iconic city of Sydney. In Australia, you may have the chance to come face to face with amazing creatures such as koalas, wild dolphins, sea turtles and other fascinating animals that are happy to call these environments their home.

Learn about the history and traditions of the early peoples of Australia and Oceania, and see how these cultures and practices have evolved and influenced the area today. You’ll also get a healthy dose of rugged adventure, whether it’s black water rafting in glowworm caves, sand tobogganing down the dunes, taking surf lessons on the beach, or exploring vibrant volcanic hot-zones.

Map of Australia


Population: 24,130,000

Official Language: No Official Language, though English is most widely spoken

Fun Fact: Over 200 different languages and dialects are spoken in Australia including 45 Indigenous languages.

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